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Spike’s Catches the National News

Spikes is very excited to have caught the eye of QSR magazine during our July Adopt A Dog mission. During the month of July SPike’s teamed up the the Oregon Humane Society to help promote Dog adoption and offered special treats to people who adopted dogs as well as to the dogs. Spike’s is proud to be involved in the community and hopes to continue to be involved in different ways to help make keep Portland great.

Here is the article from QSR:
Spike’s Hot Dogs Promoting Dog Adoptions in July


Chloe’s Kind Words

Of course we are happy anytime we can make our costumers happy but when a 10 year old girl takes the time to let you know you did something right that definitely brings a smile to our faces. Thank you Chloe for your kind words and we hope to see you back again soon.


Spike’s Hot Dogs Helps Our Homeless with a Valentine’s Lunch

This Valentine’s Day, Spike’s Hot Dogs is teaming up with Transition Projects- Willamette Center to serve a meal to 150 people in need. Founded in 1969, Transition Projects helps meet the basic needs of 700 people every day through nine program sites, and places over 600 people in affordable housing each year. A year-round supporter of the homeless, Spike’s is honored to work with the organization.

A great Valentine's Day with Spike's Hot Dogs and Transition Projects, Inc. at the Willamette Center. Spikes is serving up hot dogs for the women and couples, today. In MY opinion, a hot dog is GREAT any day of the week! Really great to meet all the folks here who are making a difference in lives, each and every day!

Posted by KGW's Rachael Rafanelli on Tuesday, February 14, 2017


Local students celebrate National Hot Dog Day


A group of local students from Le Cordon Bleu College celebrated National Hot Dog Day with a friendly hot dog decorating competition. KATU News documented the story with great pictures and a story. The students had 40 condiments to choose from while designing their individual creation. After the dogs were made student judges picked the winner!

Local Students


KOIN’s hot dog eating competition

In celebration of National Hot Dog Day, Spike’s host their very own hot dog eating competition. KOIN’s Kohr Harlan compete’s with two guests to see who can eat the most dogs in two minutes.


The 10 Most Unique Hotdog Joints in America


Who hasn’t doesn’t have a memory of eating a hot dog? Maybe it was at a forth of July picnic or maybe on a hot summer day at the fair. We all can remember a time from our childhood when we enjoyed a tasty dog with our family or friends. Tablelog takes the hot dog a step further by looking beyond the basic hot dog to find some of the most unique dogs in the nation.

“You’re favorite childhood treat is now an adult gourmet meal to be respected. Welcome to America- the land of endless hotdog possibilities.” -Tablelog

Unique Dogs


Gerry Frank’s Picks: Head to Spikes, Tasty n Sons when you crave comfort food


Portland is known for non traditional restaurants and Spike’s is no exception. If you are feeling nostalgic and want a well made hot dog this is the place. Go back to the basics or to your childhood with a great tasting hot dog and then make it into something special by decorations it with the any of the over 40 free condiments. Gerry Frank of The Oregonian shares some of his favorite comfort foods with us and Spike’s hot dogs are a perfect fit.

Comfort Foods